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Buy orchids online at flowershut

Orchids are one of the most diversified flowers. What makes them popular is, there beauty, fragrance and colorful blooms. It is believed that Orchids were Queen Victoria’s favorite flowers and thus, they are synonymous to royalty. All these factors make orchids one of the exclusive flowers that is hard to get, but at Flowershut, you will find a wide range of orchids in different colors.  Orchids can be used for number of things, for example they can be worn as a corsage, used to decorate on special occasions and gift to someone really special. You can easily buy orchids only from Flowershut at best price. Not only orchid bouquets, we do have orchid varmala and orchids for decorating the place.

Different types of Orchids Available at Flowershut

Like other flowers, orchids also come in different colors. Each color of orchid has different meaning and importance attached to it. We have a wide range of orchids to choose the best from. To help you decide which orchid you should pick, we have listed down the importance color:

  • Purple orchids- It denotes admiration, respect and dignity. These are ideal to gift someone, you respect and admire.
  • White orchids- White orchids are symbol of elegance, femininity, happiness and grace. These are best flowers for birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Orange orchids- Orange orchids stand for boldness, pride and enthusiasm. You can gift them to a friend, family member or to colleague you find bold.

Green orchids- Green orchids are symbol of nature, health and longevity, good fortune.