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Lucky Bamboo

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Welcome Goodness with Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboos are associated with good fortune. They have five elements, that are fire, earth, wood, metal and water that brinks positivity in life. These plants are perfect decorate your gardens and indoors. You can also gift this to your mother on Mother’s Day. It is believed to be a traditional symbol of health, happiness and wealth. Bamboos can easily survive in vase with pure water or some soil. Moreover, they can survive in all conditions. This is the reason why they are known to be easy to maintain plants. At Flowershut you will find many types of lucky bamboos to choose.

Types of Lucky Bamboos Available at Flowershut

At Flowershut you will find vast range of bamboos. Following are best bamboos to gift:

  • Spiral Bamboo-  Spiral bamboos are quite easy to grow. They are associated with good luck and money.
  • 2 Layer Bamboo-  2-layer bamboois a symbol of energized and safe environment. These bamboos can be easily grow without soil in a vase.
  • 3 Layer Bamboo- 3 layers bamboo plants are known for wealth, longevity and happiness.
  • Feng Shui Bamboo- Fenf shui bamboo is believedto cure problems in office and home.
  • Curly Bamboo- Curly bamboo is very easy to maintain. It can be grown into a dish of water as well.
  • Clumping Bamboo- Climping bamboo grows upwards into a big clump of grass
  • Twisted Bamboos- Twisted bamboos does not need direct sunlight and can easily grow in filtered shade and water.