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Gift carnations to loved ones online by Flowershut

Carnations are believed to be epitome of devotion, in 15th and 16th century the flower was widely used by Renaissance painters in their engagement scenes. They are also considered as flowers of god. They are versatile in nature and thus can be used for decorating a room, stages, or gifting to someone. You can either plan to gift the arrangement of all carnations, for a personalize gift, you can choose to combine them with sunflowers, lilies or roses. At Flowershut you can choose the best arrangement of flowers that you want to sends across.

Carnations for decorating wedding venues

Carnations can be used for decorating wedding and birthday venues as they add beautiful texture and color. Carnations are available in different colors that are:

  • Red Carnations- The color, red is associated with admiration, affection and sentiments of love.
  • Pink Carnations- Pink carnations symbolizes protective motherly love. These are ideal to gift mothers. It also reflects gratitude, fondness and tenderness.
  • White Carnations- White carnations signifies prosperity. It can be gifted to elders on their special occasions.
  • Purple Carnations- Purple carnations indicate condolence and apology.
  • Striped Carnations- Striped carnations are associated with sympathy.